Vectec.Net Botnet: VecNet

Sometime in mid march, I decided to start using IRC more. I decided once I made friends with one of the OPs, to make a bot.

My bots only live for one purpose: Keep the peace, keep out bad people, keep the channel open, and OP the operatators of the channel.

Posted by: Cody Harris on May 11th 2003


Our botnet is made up of 3 bots. QFooBot is connected to EFNet and is on channels #dtca, #teencity, #vectec, #xabuse, and #mediaone. Our second newest bot, BZFragger, is on OFTC and is on #dtca. Our newest and most recent bot, VGateway, isn't actually on any channels, and serves as a connection hub for all bots and any externel bots.

Due the nature of VecNet, we cannot allow externel bots to connect to our botnet. All connections must be outgoing.


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